One of the hottest emerging trends right now in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas is wood vinyl flooring. Wood look vinyl is growing in popularity because it offers the beautiful appearance of hardwood floors for a fraction of the price. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago give a brief look at vinyl wood flooring.

wood vinyl flooring

What is Wood Vinyl Flooring?

To define wood vinyl flooring, we first need to explain how vinyl flooring is made. Vinyl flooring is composed of several materials, including chips, fiberglass, foam gel, and urethane. These materials make up several layers and are then fused together to produce the vinyl flooring that we use on your floor.


Wood vinyl flooring is created by printing a hardwood image on vinyl’s design layer. This design layer is formed using modern high definition technology. The end result is a phenomenally beautiful surface that can mimic all kinds of hardwood, from distressed, antique, and rustic hardwood to maple, hickory, Brazilian cherry hardwood, and more.

What Shape Does Vinyl Flooring Come In?

While it’s true that most vinyl flooring comes in the sheet or square tile variety, our experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago suggest you take a different route. We recommend going with wood vinyl planks because they best match real hardwood planks. Take a look at the picture above – that’s wood vinyl plank flooring.

Who Should Choose Wood Vinyl Flooring?

Wood vinyl flooring is a great selection for homeowners who have a limited budget. Vinyl flooring is significantly less expensive than hardwood for both materials and installation. Also, households with elderly people and children are good matches for vinyl wood flooring because vinyl is part of the resilient flooring category, meaning it has a little “give” when stepped on. This helps to prevent injuries from falling.


Wood vinyl flooring is such a great option for homeowners in the Floor Coverings International North Chicago that we can’t wait to tell you more. Please give us a quick call at the number below to chat. We also offer free in-home estimates and design consultations.