If you were looking for assistance selecting the perfect flooring for your new home improvement project, look no further than the experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago. We are happy to help the homeowners in Ravenswood with their flooring needs by offering selections that are aesthetically appealing and built for strength at incredibly affordable prices. For those considering a flooring that embodies the look of tile with the maintenance vinyl, we have just what you seek: luxury vinyl tile.

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This flooring features a complex range of natural colors and seemingly authentic textures that will almost convince you that it is the real thing. Some styles aim to be so original that they give you the option of installation with grout! It offers a quality design with an unmatched strength that only vinyl can offer, complimenting various decor choices and differing senses of style. Luxury vinyl tile allows Ravenswood homeowners to enjoy the sophistication of a tile floor without its fragility and expensive cost.

Design & Uses

Luxury vinyl tile is a flooring that is appropriate for any living or working environment. It is suitable for any room of your home, including a damp entryway, a busy kitchen, or a dirty playroom. It redefines durability. While other flooring alternatives may be at risk for damages due to busy traffic patterns and moisture, this flooring is innovative in terms dent and wear resistance. This will keep your luxury vinyl tile looking nearly brand new in even the busiest homes in the greater Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square area.

Maintenanceluxury vinyl tile in north chicago

This tile has a thick, sturdy protective layer that serves as a soil and stain repellent while functioning as a defendant of its unique, designed layer that prohibit permanent damages. While hardwood floors may warp and mold when wet mopped, luxury vinyl tile continues to gracefully. It is a high quality, high functioning flooring that dismisses the obligation for the hard chemicals that are required for other floorings for maintenance. This faux tile remains resilient to our modern day wear and tear, including busy traffic and heavy furniture, ensuring a simple life for you and your floor.

Start Today!

The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International North Chicago are ready to make your flooring dreams come true! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. If you find that you have uncertainty regarding luxury vinyl tile, if you have questions regarding any other services that we provide, give us a call so that we may ease your mind and empower you with our flooring knowledge.

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