White Oak is a very popular and durable hardwood flooring material to use in your Chicago home. White Oak grows in many regions of North America — primarily in central and eastern areas. White Oak can be found from Maine to Northern Florida, in Eastern Texas, and as far north as Ontario and Quebec. It has a smooth, tightly textured appearance with pleasing, regular grain patterns. White Oak typically has long dark lines that are accentuated when this hardwood is stained. Learn all about white oak hardwood with help from the experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago.

white oak hardwood in north chicagoDesigns and Uses

White oak is best known for its use in hardwood flooring, and it is also a common material for furniture, cabinetry, boats, and barrels. Because of its rot-resistant properties, White Oak is used in applications where durability is of high importance. White Oak accepts a wide range of colored stains ranging from natural light and dark browns to grey and near-black. White Oak is amazingly versatile and can be finished in rustic or smooth styles. For flooring applications, White Oak is generally available in planks or machined boards. Machined boards adhere better to concrete floors, and work better with heated flooring.


White Oak is considered one of the easiest hardwoods to maintain. As with all hardwood flooring or furniture, it is important to clean up spills and wet spots to avoid marking the wood. White Oak will last for years with regular sweeping and vacuuming — and wet mopping when necessary. While White Oak is incredibly durable, preventative measures should be taken to ensure highly abrasive activities do not regularly occur on this floor (unless you’re looking for an accelerated rustic look).

white oak flooring in chicago


White Oak is an amazingly durable hardwood flooring material. It rates at 1360 for hardness, which is at the higher end of hardness for readily available hardwood species. While other woods may expand and contract with the seasons, White Oak is remarkably stable compared to other hardwoods. This makes White Oak a perfect flooring material in Chicago, where humidity may be a factor to consider. White Oak is also very resilient in high traffic areas.

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