While considering a hardwood to use in your home in North Chicago, American walnut is a great choice for interior decoration. Learn more with the help of the experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago.

Domestic walnut is commonly used in the home for flooring, mantles, tables, and fancy furniture. Walnut is noted for its dark appearance and lighter grain tones. Domestic Walnut looks best when oil or stains are used to bring out the grain contrasts.  Because it is a particularly tough wood with Janka a hardness score of 1,100, walnut is an extraordinary alternative for applications where solid joints and wear resistance are important.

The Benefits of Domestic Walnutwalnut hardwood flooring in north chicago

While considering walnut hardwood for your home, domestically sourced walnut is the best for your wallet and for the world. Imported walnut from Brazil and Southeast Asia basically are simply more expensive. It costs more to import, and the environmental costs are astonishing. American walnut is harvested with the future in mind, while a great part of the foreign cut walnut available gathered as the result of rainforest clear-cutting. Why spend more cash and encourage logging that is harmful to delicate biological systems? With hardwood, you get the chance to support the US economy and help the environment. Don’t contribute to deforestation with foreign walnut.

How to Maintain Walnut

Like other hardwoods for interior use, domestic walnut requires regular care. Walnut’s hardness means that it is generally smooth and easy to sweep for daily care. Occasional mopping with a soft detergent will also keep Walnut floors looking nice.  Despite its toughness, it is may be wise to protect high-activity zones with rugs or mats. For Walnut furniture, routine dusting with a microfiber cloth and use of gentle cleansers will prevent buildup and scratches. Protect your domestic walnut furniture or flooring with a wax or silicone based sealant (but don’t use both at the same time). Yet even if your hardwood is protected with a sealant, it is vital to clean spills from walnut at the earliest opportunity because the rich texture of the wood tends to show water spots easily.

walnut hardwood flooring in north chicago

Start Today!

With quality care and cleaning, your American walnut furniture or flooring, with its rich texture and color, will be a beautiful addition to your home for years to come. Call the friendly experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We proudly serve the greater Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square area.

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