Have hardwood flooring on the mind but not sure about which type to choose? Hickory hardwood has a tremendous combination of durability and beauty that’s unmatched by many other flooring surfaces. Our experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago offer a quick explanation of hickory hardwood flooring.

Hickory hardwood flooring

What is Hickory Hardwood?

Hickory hardwood comes from the hickory tree, grown primarily in North America and Asia. Hickory has 17-19 species, five of which are native to Asia. The other eight are indigenous to North America and are split into two groupings: pecan hickory and true hickory.

Pecan hickory produces the popular pecan nut and is grown in south central North America, including Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. True hickory is found in the Eastern U.S. and Canada and is the stronger, denser type of hickory.


In fact, hickory trees are so dense that they’re the strongest and densest trees in North America used for commercial purposes. Hickory hardwood is so strong that it’s used for a variety of high-impact items, like golf clubs, hockey sticks, tool handles, drumsticks, and the bottom of skis. Hickory hardwood has a 1820 rating on the Janka hardness scale and is a perfect flooring choice for homeowners with rowdy children and rambunctious pets.


Hickory hardwood is available in a variety of tones, from dark brown to almost white. It’s also popular in homes with a rustic or vintage vibe because hickory hardwood planks do not have a uniform look. Instead, each plank has its own unique appearance that reflects the natural grain pattern of the hickory tree.


One final thing – hickory hardwood flooring is extremely difficult to cut, sand, and install because of its dense composition. That’s why we recommend calling our experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago for all your flooring needs. We also give free in-home estimates and design consultations.

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