Have hardwood on the mind?  Did you know that pine wood flooring is a popular flooring surface for homeowners in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas? The reason why? Our customers tell us they love pine wood flooring because of its rustic appearance, low cost, and low environmental footprint. Here’s a quick look at a few pine flooring facts you should know.

chicago pine wood flooring

Pine Wood Has 120 Species

Pine wood flooring is grown from pine trees which are abundant on six of the Earth’s seven continents. There are about 120 species of this coniferous and evergreen pine. Humans have farmed pine trees for thousands of years, making pine the world’s leading source for building materials and paper products. There’s one other important thing to note: Pine is actually classified as a softwood, making it softer than the many hardwoods in the flooring space.

Pine Wood has Rustic Qualities

Just call it the Chip and Joanna boom. There has been an uptick in rustic interiors over the past few years and pine wood beautifully complements the appearance of those antique interiors. Pine wood is known for having knots or pins and because of its soft composition, it can be difficult to keep looking new. However, many homeowners turn this challenge into a benefit and embrace the pine wood weathered look.

Pine Wood has a Low Environmental Footprint

Pine trees typically grow faster than trees of the hardwood variety and thus are more sustainable. When one pine tree is chopped down, another will grow in its place a lot faster than an oak or maple tree.

Pine Wood can have a Low Cost

Pine wood is perfect for many families because of its low cost compared with many higher priced hardwoods. Some pine wood flooring can be half the price of a hardwood floor. Pine wood flooring’s low cost can be the determining factor for many homeowners.

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Photo Credit: lukes Landscape Shotz