Searching for a new flooring option for your home in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square area? Engineered hardwood flooring is a durable and versatile option for your home that also offers an incredible value. Floor Coverings International North Chicago is proud to offer engineered wood floors. Engineered hardwood flooring combines the installation ease of laminate flooring with more resilience than a traditional solid wood floor.


engineered hardwood flooring chicago


All About Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood flooring is the real deal – it’s real wood flooring. Each plank is made of layers of plywood or fiberboard and solid hardwood. Thanks to this design, the planks are less susceptible to shrinking and expanding with changes in temperatures and humidity than other types of hardwood planks. The durability of engineered hardwood is also increased through the use of multiple wood layers. Typically, engineered hardwood floors with more layers are more durable. You can find styles that have anywhere between 3 and 12 layers. Another benefit of an engineered wood floor is that it requires minimal upkeep. Over the life of your floor, you’ll be spending less than you would with another type of flooring. Engineered hardwood has a lower up-front cost than other types of flooring.

The main downside to engineered floors is that they can only be refinished once or twice before the top layers of solid wood are worn through. If you plan on refinishing your floors many times throughout their lifetime, solid hardwood may be a better option.



Engineered wood floors are available in a wide variety of colors and types of wood. Common colors range from beige to brown. Engineered hardwood is also available in various types of wood.

Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Bamboo
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Cherry

At Floor Coverings International North Chicago, we offer a wide range of styles from industry-leading manufacturers. Our design consultant can help you select which type of engineered hardwood is right for you and your home or business.


Contact Us Today!

We offer free in-home consultations in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square area. Engineered hardwood flooring samples can be brought to your door. We encourage you to look more into engineered hardwood – it’s a great type of flooring to invest in. Contact us today to learn more, and to schedule your free consultation!


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