When on the market for eco-friendly flooring, you want a triple threat: one with strength, beauty, and low maintenance. Cork flooring features that and so much more because its eco-friendly nature is beneficial for both the inside of your home and the outside world. The friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International North Chicago recommend this flooring for homeowners in Chicago who suffer from allergies or merely seek simplicity. Its variety in colors and textures allow you to express your individuality.

About Corkcork flooring in north chicago

The method in which cork is harvested is exceptionally eco-friendly and sustainable. It is delicately removed from the bark of a cork tree, ensuring that the tree remains unharmed and can later be harvested after a considerate length of time. This unique flooring features an open cell pattern with micro air pockets that give it a spongy texture. Cork has the ability to contort under great force, only to seamlessly transition back into its natural shape when that weight is removed.

Uses in the Home

Cork is a natural insulator for heat, providing a warm and cushiony feel for the bottoms of your feet while being an ergonomic choice that is widely appreciated by homeowners with joint and muscle pains. It is equally noted for its outstanding durability and its resistance to scratches. Cork is a medium that naturally blends small scratches and veils any blemishes in a way that makes them nearly invisible.

cork flooring in north chicagoCleaning & Maintenance

Cork is a natural protector against bacteria and unwelcome microorganisms, making this the prime antimicrobial choice for those in the home who are hypoallergenic. This flooring needs only the bare minimum maintenance. The occasional sweep to rid your floor of grit and dirt will keep your cork from becoming scratched by foreign objects. Liquids are not to be left on cork for long periods of time, and responding quickly to spills with a slightly damp mop is encouraged. Dry mop the remaining moisture to ensure your flooring remains unscathed.

Start Today!

Incorporate flooring that embodies your needs, wants, and more with cork! If you are still uncertain if cork flooring is the right selection for your situation, for considerations regarding any of our other flooring services or inventory, call the staff members of Floor Coverings International North Chicago today! We provide complimentary in-home consultations and no-hassle estimates. We are happy to serve the greater Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square area.

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