The friendly experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago would like to boldly suggest frieze for that office renovation or home improvement project that you have been fantasizing. This flooring plays on nostalgia, embodying the comfy carpeting of your childhood in a new, quirky style with its welcoming aesthetics, gentle textures, and reasonable prices. Your North Chicago space will encompass a familiar warmness and memorable charm with frieze carpeting.

About Frieze Carpetfrieze carpet in north chicago

Frieze carpet can be thought of as an updated interpretation of shag carpet. These floorings are noticeably different in appearance; however, they share a reputation for great strength and unmatched durability. Frieze has a soft, modernized appearance that features tall and twisty fibers with a curl so sharp that the yarn softly folds back onto itself. Its strength comes from its thick weave that gracefully veils traffic patterns, never losing its delicate twist. Do not be fooled, this carpeting is more than just a pretty face.

Uses & Design

Our professionals recommend frieze for homeowners in Chicago looking to restyle an assortment of environments, including lax family rooms, busy children’s bedrooms, and crowded home offices. Its neutral appearance makes it versatile and complimentary with any specific style of decor. Frieze is a cozy option that encourages lounging with loved ones and warms cold bare feet first thing in the morning, not to mention its incredible strength that can withstand periods of business and heaviness in furniture pieces. When this carpeting is professionally installed, it promises a lifetime of comfort, warmth, and style.

Cleaning & Maintenance frieze carpet in north chicago

This is a flooring alternative that features a high stain resistance, composed of solution-dyed fibers that allow its complex colors to move throughout the carpet entirely. Its loose fibers can allow for spills to seep into the soul of the carpet if messes are not tended to quickly. We encourage our clients to shop mindfully when hunting for their frieze carpet, noting which selections offer the optimum stain protections with a guaranteed soil and stain warranty. This carpeting will require the bare minimum maintenance and the simplest cleaning rituals.

Start Today!

Rejuvenate and refresh your North Chicago residential or commercial space with frieze carpet today. Contact the staff friendly members at Floor Coverings International North Chicago to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation and to hear about our additional services! We proudly serve the greater Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square area.

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