Here in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square area, bamboo flooring has become an increasingly popular flooring material. It’s durable, eco-friendly and looks beautiful in contemporary homes. At Floor Coverings International North Chicago, we have lots of experience helping homeowners and business owners choose the right flooring for their space. Bamboo offers lots of benefits that could make it the perfect flooring option for your space!

living room with bamboo flooring

What is Bamboo?


Bamboo flooring is often grouped with hardwood materials in flooring stores, but this is a bit misleading. Bamboo actually comes from a grass called “Moso” that’s native to the areas around China and Taiwan. The stalks are harvested and then pressed or woven into flooring material.


Sustainable Benefits


Many people who look for green materials when renovating their home opt for bamboo. The bamboo plant grows very quickly and can be harvested for flooring after just three to five years. Even after it’s been harvested, the roots left in the ground can regrow. This means that harvesting bamboo has a much smaller impact on the environment than harvesting other flooring materials like wood.


Other Characteristics


Bamboo flooring is naturally light in color with minimal grain patterns. This gives it a modern feel that is very popular in contemporary homes and businesses. Bamboo also ranks quite high on the Janka Hardness Scale. This measures the hardness of a given floor material, usually hardwood flooring. Generally this is a good indication of how resistant wood floors will be to surface scratches. Bamboo’s high rating does mean that it’s fairly scratch-resistant, but it’s important to note that bamboo flooring can dent if heavy objects are dropped on it. Be careful when moving furniture or other large objects over your new floors.


Our Service


Here at Floor Coverings International North Chicago, we have lots of experience installing bamboo floors. A design associate can help you choose the right style, and then our install team will be ready to turn your flooring dreams into a reality. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home estimate and consultation!


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Photo Credit: Anna Oleksenko