North Chicago CarpetCarpet is a popular bedroom flooring option in the greater Chicago area. Homeowners love it because it is soft, keeps your feet warm in the morning, and helps to insulate a room. When selecting new carpet for the bedroom, you have many different styles to pick from. The experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago share their 3 favorite options below.


Plush adds a touch of comfort and elegance to any Chicago bedroom. It is characterized by a cut pile style of carpet where the strands stand up at the same height. The strands are very dense, which give it an incredibly soft feel under foot. Remember to clean up any spills right away, because the fibers can be very absorbent.

North Chicago CarpetBerber

Berber is the most durable carpet option of the three. This makes it a great choice for bedrooms that receive a lot of wear and tear, such as a child’s. The tightly looped fibers hold up well to the running and dropping of toys that tend to happen with children. The dense style also makes it more stain resistant because the liquid won’t soak into the fibers right away. Berber is available in a wide variety of different colors and styles.

North Chicago CarpetFrieze

Frieze is one of the most popular carpet styles out there today. It’s durable, soft to the step, and gives your bedroom a casual and relaxed feel. This carpet style consists of long yarn that is curled and twisted. These strands help the carpet to hold up well to general wear and tear, as well as hide any dirt and debris. While there aren’t many designs available, frieze is available in a wide variety of colors and even flecked patterns.

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