How to Vacuum Your Carpet Like a ProWith proper maintenance good carpets generally last 10-15 years. Recommended carpet maintenance includes weekly vacuuming. However, most homeowners don’t vacuum this often. Floor Coverings International North Chicago is here to help. With our tips you can vacuum faster and more effectively.

Vacuum Your Way Out

Whenever you start vacuuming a room start in the corner farthest from the entrance and work your way back out. Try not to step over any areas previously vacuumed just like you would with mopping. For plush carpets in particular this leaves no footprints behind, which gives a freshly cleaned look just after vacuuming.

Walk the Cord Out

This is a similar idea to vacuuming your way out of a room, but something that is often overlooked. When you begin vacuuming start by moving your vacuum to the farthest corner of the room, then unwrap the vacuum cord and walk it out to an outlet by the room’s entrance. This may seem unimportant, but it is actually something professional cleaners are trained to do.

This strategy prevents the cord from snagging against furniture compared to if you were pushing the vacuum to the back of the room with it already plugged in. Also, plugging in near the entrance while the vacuum sits in the farthest corner ensures you have enough slack while vacuuming. You won’t rip the cord out of the socket while you vacuum, and you won’t waste time unraveling cord as you move throughout the room.

Vacuum with Vacuum LinesVacuum Your Carpet With Vacuum Tracks

This vacuuming strategy sets professional cleaners apart. Leaving patterned vacuum lines creates an impressive final presentation, particularly in plush carpeting that shows vacuum lines. In order to create this look, the vacuum is pushed forward and pulled back in an “M” or “W” pattern. If this description confuses you, don’t worry. We’ll unpack this technique further.

Push and pull the vacuum only as far as your arm can reach and move your body from the left side of the room to the right side, or vise versa. Starting against the left or right wall, and push the vacuum straight forward and pull back at a slight angle. Re-straighten the vacuum and push forward again; then pull back at the same angle as before. Repeat this pattern until you reach the other wall. If you have plush carpeting this is an easy technique to master, because you will see the “M” or “W” pattern form from your vacuum lines.

Installing New Carpet

If you’re at the point where your carpet needs to be replaced, call the experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago. We proudly serve the greater Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas. Our design associates will help you select the best new carpet option. We bring carpet samples straight to your door using our mobile flooring showroom.

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