Spring has nearly sprung, and certainly the annual spring-cleaning chore will be upon homeowners in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas. After all, many of us have been cooped up all winter, tracking the likes of snow, salt, grime and dirt into the house upon entry. In that sense, it’s always a good idea to add your home’s carpeting to the annual list of spring-cleaning chores.

Here’s a fact: Some 80 percent of all the dirt that makes its way into your home comes off of feet. When you consider that bacteria are able to live after several weeks the surface of a carpet, it’s paramount to keep these surfaces clean. Regular vacuuming, as well as addressing stains and spills in a timely manner, can go a long way toward keeping your carpet looking nice. So what can you do to really clean it well and get it ready for spring? Our experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago offer a look.

Chicago Carpet Cleaning

Rake It

Carpet rakes, or carpet groomers, are special tools that are able to restore a carpet’s pile, while also agitating it to free up dirt and debris that has been embedded beyond the initial surface of the carpet. Using a carpet rake is especially helpful for high-traffic areas, where the carpeting may become more matted down than low-traffic areas.

Deep Clean It

A deep cleaning is always a good idea come spring, especially if you live in an area that just experienced a harsh winter. Deep cleanings won’t just rid the carpeting of built up bacteria and deeply embedded dirt and debris, but also of the salt that likely got tracked in during these winter months. Carpet cleanings will also help to improve the indoor air quality in your home. You can rent deep cleaning equipment at local stores or you can also hire a professional carpet cleaning company to perform this service.

Don’t Forget About Rugs

While you’re tending to your carpet, don’t forget about your area rugs. Simply shaking them out usually isn’t enough to get them clean. Instead, consider machine or hand washing them, or taking them to your local rug washer for professional deep cleaning and/or restoration.

Don’t delay on springing forward with your carpet preparations for the change in season! Feel free to call our experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago for helpful tips. We also offer free in-home estimates to residents of the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas.

Photo Credit: Andrey_Popov

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