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At Floor Coverings International North Chicago, we love to explore every aspect of flooring, paying special attention to every homeowner’s needs. So today, we’d like to answer one important question: what is the right flooring for children’s bedrooms? Chicago is home to many families, and with safety in mind, some may consider this the most important flooring material to get right.


Carpet is a common choice for kids’ bedrooms due to its natural softness. Trips and falls are less of a concern for kids in a carpeted room, and it can make for a comfy reading area when it’s time to relax with a book. Carpet is also a noise insulator, absorbing sound from high activity levels in the room. If children have bedrooms upstairs, carpet is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, spills and dirt tracked in from outside are typical in family homes. Carpet may be difficult to maintain when it’s up against kids! Darker carpets are good for hiding stains and other blemishes.


Cork is another soft option for active kids. It absorbs noise and pads falls like carpet, but cork is much harder to stain. It recovers well from heavy furniture by springing back to its smooth original form. Cork also repulses mold and dirt, requiring far less maintenance than carpeting.

However, sharp objects or claws can dig into the cork’s soft surface, leaving unsightly divots or possible tripping hazards. Cork does best in homes without free-roaming pets.


Rubber is the most durable entry on this list. It boasts the low maintenance and softness of cork, but without the vulnerability to etch or dent. Rubber can come in any imaginable color to match the vibrant furnishings of children’s rooms. For this incredible combination of traits, rubber tends more toward the expensive side.

With this list at your disposal, you may select between carpet’s unbeatable comfort, cork’s cost-efficient buoyancy, and rubber’s durable padding. Each is a great choice for kids’ bedrooms!

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