Soft floors add comfort and safety to family homes, but what if carpet isn’t an option for you and your loved ones? At Floor Coverings International North Chicago we offer several soft flooring alternatives. Unlike carpet, these soft and stylish flooring options will not exacerbate your family’s allergies or add extra vacuuming to your list of chores. Read on to discover the right soft flooring alternative for your Chicago home.

Benefits of Soft Flooring
Family Kitchen Flooring Chicago

Tile and hardwood are beautiful flooring options, but many varieties are stiff and unyielding underfoot. These attributes can be less than ideal, especially for busy homemakers and their families. When you choose a softer flooring option for your home, the added comfort underfoot will make those hectic days around the house a little less exhausting. Soft floors will also protect any rambunctious kids from unnecessary bumps and thumps during playtime.

High-End Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Floor Installation ChicagoVinyl is an ideal flooring material for homeowners who want softness and style but don’t want to install carpets. Unlike carpeting, vinyl is remarkably easy to clean and it doesn’t trap allergens. Vinyl floors also boast high durability, making this material the perfect choice for high-traffic areas (or in homes with young children and pets). Vinyl flooring comes in a range of prices and styles, and many of the higher-end options truly mimic the look of other flooring types, such as wood or stone. High-end vinyl lets you have it all, without breaking the bank.

Eco-Friendly Cork Floors

Cork Flooring in ChicagoAn eco-friendly choice, sustainable cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork tree. If you love the look of hardwood, think of cork as its softer cousin. Cork is also naturally anti-microbial and is a great choice for allergy-conscious homes. With a proper sealant, cork flooring is water resistant and easy to clean. Cork flooring is even softer than vinyl, but it’s also not as durable.

Bright Linoleum Floors

Bright Linoleum flooring in ChicagoLinoleum is not as soft as vinyl, but if you add a cushioning underlay during your install, you can achieve a similar level of comfort. Why take this extra step to make linoleum work for you? Well, linoleum is ideal for color lovers! Cork and Vinyl offer a more natural look, but they fall short of linoleum when it comes to the range of color options. Aesthetically, bright linoleum might not be right for every room in your home, but this water-resistant material is a classic choice for kitchens and will make a great addition to your soft and stylish home.

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