Whether it is a commercial facility or a residential household, winter weather challenges all types of flooring in various ways. That’s largely because there’s a greater likelihood of tracking in snow, water and grime. This can create slick conditions, do damage to carpet piles, and potentially warp or alter wood floors.

The good news for home and business owners is that winter weather, while challenging, is not impossible to overcome when it comes to flooring. Our experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago offer a look at what you should be doing now so that your floors don’t pay during the cold weather months.

Christmas mittens on wood floor

  1. Doormats

    Installing door mats both inside and outside of entry areas can help remove ice, snow, and debris from shoes upon entering the home or office. Doormats can also help reduce water and moisture that gets tracked in, which can help minimize slippery surface conditions and reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

  2. Control moisture levels

    Humidity changes can really put a lot of stress on hardwood floors, as that’s when expansion and contraction are likely to occur. However, you can help minimize or prevent this from occurring by purchasing a humidifier and controlling fluctuations.

  3. Have the right tools

    Dry mops and vacuums are essential to minimizing flooring damage during the winter–the former when it comes to hard surfaces and the latter when it comes to carpeting. Dry mops help remove moisture from the surface of the floor and help prevent potential water damage. Vacuums are essential for regular use on carpeting to remove salt particulate and dirt. It’s also recommended that you schedule a professional carpet deep cleaning following the winter season to remove particulate that has embedded itself in the pile.

  4. Common sense

    While this tip is more suitable for residential environments, simply arranging door mats in a mudroom or near entrances where people can remove their shoes upon entering is an obvious way to eliminate having debris tracked into the home.

  5. Floor finish

    Finally, for homes and businesses that have hardwood floors, taking the time to put down three to five coats of finish can help reduce wear and tear on the flooring. Finish can also help reduce the potential of water damage from excess moisture.

Winter weather in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas can be tough on floors. To avoid premature replacement, start thinking about how to protect them today.

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Photo Credit: Gladskikh Tatiana