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Infographic: Best Flooring For Pet Owners

While we love having our four-legged friends around, they can often wreak havoc on our floors. If you are looking for a pet-proof flooring material, consult your experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago.   Photo Credits: © Optimarc, © Kingsman Asset, © Server 180, © Vladislav Lyutov, © Kulikov Aleksandr
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The Best Flooring Choices for Your Bathroom

Having the right flooring in your bathroom is critical, especially here in Chicago. As a busy area of the home easily prone to water damage and mildew, bathrooms need to have strong and resilient flooring. Here are some of our favorites that will remain durable no matter what. Travertine Travertine is a sedimentary limestone rock…
Chicago Hardwood

When to Replace an Old Hardwood Floor

One of the many benefits of hardwood flooring is that it can be periodically refinished, allowing a homeowner to easily regain the beauty of new hardwood flooring without having to replace the entire floor. However, it is important to bear in mind that even top quality hardwood flooring won't last forever. Following are some telltale…
North Chicago Carpet

Our 3 Favorite Carpet Styles for a Cozy Bedroom

Carpet is a popular bedroom flooring option in the greater Chicago area. Homeowners love it because it is soft, keeps your feet warm in the morning, and helps to insulate a room. When selecting new carpet for the bedroom, you have many different styles to pick from. The experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago share their 3 favorite…
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3 Durable Hardwoods for Busy Homes

Hardwood is a preferred aesthetic in many North Chicago homes thanks to its warm and traditional feel. However, hardwoods are not always family-friendly, as some types can be easily scratched, dented, or damaged by moisture. There are some hardwood species, however, that are especially durable. Here at Floor Coverings International North Chicago, we have a large selection of hardwoods…
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The Many Advantages of Teak Flooring in Chicago

  Teak flooring can be pricey but provides top value for your money. Following is a helpful overview of what this wood has to offer so you can see if it's a good option for your Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square home. Durability Teak can hold up to literally any type of wear and tear, which is why it…
Reclaimed Wood Laminate Kitchen in North Chicago

Three Stunning Laminate Trends for Your Home

These days, laminate floors offer the real look of pricier hardwoods for a fraction of the price. Homeowners in the North Chicago area love the practical benefits of laminate, which include stain resistance, mold prevention, and water repellence. If you’re considering laminate floors for your home, Floor Coverings International North Chicago has the perfect match for you. To get your…
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Carpet Alternatives For a Safe and Soft Chicago Home

Soft floors add comfort and safety to family homes, but what if carpet isn’t an option for you and your loved ones? At Floor Coverings International North Chicago we offer several soft flooring alternatives. Unlike carpet, these soft and stylish flooring options will not exacerbate your family’s allergies or add extra vacuuming to your list of chores. Read on…
Chicago Carpet Cleaning

Getting Your Chicago Carpets Ready for Spring

Spring has nearly sprung, and certainly the annual spring-cleaning chore will be upon homeowners in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas. After all, many of us have been cooped up all winter, tracking the likes of snow, salt, grime and dirt into the house upon entry. In that sense, it's always a good idea to add your home's…