3 Carpet Tile Patterns Floor Coverings International North Chicago

Infographic: 3 Carpet Tile Patterns

Carpet tile is a fun and comfy way to customize your space. Whether commercial or residential, this type of flooring provides an easy-to-clean, durable surface on which to walk. Because it is laid down like tile, this carpet flooring can be arranged and designed in a multitude of ways to uniquely fit your décor. Floor Coverings International North Chicago
How to Vacuum Your Carpet Like a Pro

How to Vacuum Your Carpet Like a Pro

With proper maintenance good carpets generally last 10-15 years. Recommended carpet maintenance includes weekly vacuuming. However, most homeowners don’t vacuum this often. Floor Coverings International North Chicago is here to help. With our tips you can vacuum faster and more effectively. Vacuum Your Way Out Whenever you start vacuuming a room start in the corner farthest from the entrance…
Pet friendly flooring chicago

Infographic: Best Flooring For Pet Owners

While we love having our four-legged friends around, they can often wreak havoc on our floors. If you are looking for a pet-proof flooring material, consult your experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago.   Photo Credits: © Optimarc, © Kingsman Asset, © Server 180, © Vladislav Lyutov, © Kulikov Aleksandr
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Our 3 Favorite Carpet Styles for a Cozy Bedroom

Carpet is a popular bedroom flooring option in the greater Chicago area. Homeowners love it because it is soft, keeps your feet warm in the morning, and helps to insulate a room. When selecting new carpet for the bedroom, you have many different styles to pick from. The experts at Floor Coverings International North Chicago share their 3 favorite…
Family Kitchen Flooring Chicago

Carpet Alternatives For a Safe and Soft Chicago Home

Soft floors add comfort and safety to family homes, but what if carpet isn’t an option for you and your loved ones? At Floor Coverings International North Chicago we offer several soft flooring alternatives. Unlike carpet, these soft and stylish flooring options will not exacerbate your family’s allergies or add extra vacuuming to your list of chores. Read on…
Chicago Carpet Trends

Chicago Carpet Flooring Trends for 2017

Trends not only come and go in the fashion world, but also in the flooring industry. Which flooring types are best and why? And which flooring colors are the hottest? These are just a couple questions people ask when they are looking for the latest styles from which to choose. Some designers would argue that…
Chicago Carpet Cleaning

Getting Your Chicago Carpets Ready for Spring

Spring has nearly sprung, and certainly the annual spring-cleaning chore will be upon homeowners in the Chicago, Lake View, Ravenswood & Lincoln Square areas. After all, many of us have been cooped up all winter, tracking the likes of snow, salt, grime and dirt into the house upon entry. In that sense, it's always a good idea to add your home's…
wool carpet, floor coverings international north chicago

Wool Carpet: The Soft Touch of Luxury

Wool is often lauded as the crème de la crème of carpet flooring for good reason. Its winning combination of soft textures, beautiful colors, and durability makes it a favorite among Chicago owners wanting to add comfort and luxury to their homes. Keep reading to learn more about this lovely flooring option from Floor Coverings International North Chicago. The…