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Carpet Pad Chicago IL Carpet pad is a supportive padding placed under carpets and area rugs. The pad absorbs sound and cushions the surface so it feels more comfortable underfoot. When buying carpet padding, you’ll notice that it comes in a variety of thickness levels and materials. Foam rubber pads are a popular choice that work well in homes. Sponge padding is slightly stronger and is good for high-traffic office and commercial environments. Fiber pads are the strongest of the three, and are commonly used in manufacturing plants and other buildings with concrete floors.

When selecting the right carpet pad for your home or office, pay attention to the manufacturer recommendations for the carpet you’ll be using. Most carpeting comes with specific suggestions for types of carpet pad that work best with that carpet.

You may need to choose from several recommended carpet pads. If that’s the case, consider the area where you’ll be installing the carpet and how much traffic it receives. High traffic can cause thick carpet pads to become flattened over time, making your carpet look uneven. You may also want to consider the amount of moisture that the area receives. Some carpet pads are more mold and mildew resistant than others.

When shopping for carpet pad to go under your new carpet, let the experts at Floor Coverings International in Chicago IL simplify the process. Schedule your free in-home estimate today.

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